Quotation Management System of Air Support Comand Headquarters / Markas Pemerintahan Bantuan Udara (MPBU) demands careful consideration of the requirements implied by the terms electronic. In this case, electronic means that WWW technology should be used in order to benefit from the connectivity and low distribution costs of the Internet. Thus, a system for distribution of quotation invitations and viewing the quotation via the Internet has to be designed and developed.

Being secure, on the other hand, requires that the confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation characteristics of the documents are properly protected. Confidentiality is usually not an issue for quotation invitations. However, in some cases the mere fact that the MPBUwould like to purchase a specific goods shall be treated as sensitive information.

For bidders, on the other hand, confidentiality is essential from the perspective of both the MPBU and the suppliers. Integrity is obviously a central issue considering all involved documents and parties, since the contents of a received document have to be trustworthy.

Furthermore, non-repudiation is required in order for MPBU to be able to depend on the offer made by suppliers.